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How to get Email and Text Alerts for your petition with USCIS

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posted May 19, 2014 in H1B Visa RFEs by dan (24,404 points)
edited Nov 21, 2015 by dan

USCIS offers free case alerts on their website via email and text (sms) messages. If you register and create a portfolio, you can also track LUD (Last updated date) on your case. They will update the date, if any internal process performed on your case. You will receive an email/text when there is an Approval, RFE or denial on your case.

How do I set up case status alerts from USCIS website?

Go to USCIS Website

1. Click on Sign-up for Case Updates



2. If you are the beneficiary, click on Register as a customer representative


3. Accept the Terms and register with your information.

4. Once registered, add your case to portfolio. You may add more than one case here.


5. Once you enter the receipt number(s), check the boxes and click email/text alert on/off.


USCIS supports United States mobile numbers only.

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