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posted Oct 20, 2017 in H1B Visa RFEs by Sheila Danzig (8,100 points)

This year, CIS rolled out a new RFE that may be even more terrifying than the notorious Nightmare RFE.  Computer programmers working at Level 1 Wage across the country are receiving RFEs claiming that their job does not meet minimum H1B education requirements.  The rationale behind this is that the Occupational Outlook Handbook states some employers hire entry level computer programmers with only a US Associates degree.  H1B requires a US Bachelors degree or higher, or its equivalent.

This same section of the Occupational Outlook Handbook also states that employers usually DO require a US Bachelors degree for this position.  The other problem with this RFE is that just because a job is set at Level 1 Wage doesn't mean it's actually an entry level position.  That's not how wage levels actually work; there are many other factors involved.  

But tell that to CIS.  There are many factors involved in this RFE as well and the sheer volume is nothing short of insanity.

The answer to this RFE requires an expert opinion letter along with documentation that the job in question is specialized to meet H1B educational requirements.  At TheDegreePeople.com, we have experts on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year to help you.  We have a 90% success rate in answering the Level 1 Wage RFE.  Let us help you.

For a no charge and no obligation review of your case, please send the following documents to predocs@cci123.com/


• Beneficiary's Resume and Educational Documents

• Employer Support Letter

• Detailed Job Description and Job Duties

• The RFE

We will get back to you in 48 hours or less with a full analysis of your case, or your employee or client's case, and, if we can help you, information on prices and how to order.

If you or your employee or client received a Level 1 Wage RFE, don't panic!  We know what we're doing.  At TheDegreePeople, we specialize in difficult cases and complex RFEs.  As with other seemingly terrifying RFEs, this one simply requires a creative approach informed by our in-depth understanding of international education, and our extensive experience working with H1B visas and their RFEs. 

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