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Flash News: No More H1B receipts for 2017 - USCIS Completes Data Entry

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posted May 2, 2016 in H1B Visas by dan (24,544 points)

The much awaited Fiscal Year H1B 2017 is over. USCIS has completed the data entry and has completed issuing receipts for H1B Petitions in the lottery today. If your H1B filing fee was not cashed today or latest tomorrow, you may have no chances for FY 2017. H1BSupport.com would like to congratulate all the H1B Aspirants whose H1Bs were picked in the lottery. 

Please see official release below and please comment if your H1B was picked or NOT picked in the Lottery!

USCIS announced on May 2, 2016, that it has completed data entry of all fiscal year 2017 H-1B cap-subject petitions selected in our computer-generated random process. USCIS will now begin returning all H-1B cap-subject petitions that were not selected. Due to the high volume of filings, USCIS is unable to provide a definite time frame for returning these petitions. USCIS asks petitioners not to inquire about the status of submitted cap-subject petitions until they receive a receipt notice or an unselected petition is returned. USCIS will issue an announcement once all the unselected petitions have been returned.

Additionally, USCIS is transferring some Form I-129 H-1B cap subject petitions from the Vermont Service Center to the California Service Center to balance the distribution of cap cases. If your case is transferred, you will receive notification in the mail. After receiving the notification, please send all future correspondence to the center processing your petition. If you are filing a Form I-907, Request for Premium Processing, to upgrade your Form I-129 H-1B petition to premium processing, send the completed Form I-907 with the appropriate fee to the center processing your petition.


commented May 3, 2016 by ramch11 (520 points)
edited May 3, 2016 by ramch11
My employer informed that mine is picked up in the lottery and they told will send receipt in 3 weeks.

why delay for 3 weeks? is it so?

Also employer mentioned that next thing is approval of H1B.

Dan - Can you please help to understand on what basis H1B will get approved? still do i need to bother whether i will get H1B or not? also still how many steps are involved after H1B picked up in the lottery
replied May 3, 2016 by dan (24,544 points)
commented Jun 16, 2017 by Chris Woakes

I received H4 approval notice  flash news no more receipts usci from USCIS behalf of my H1B application. I hope this means an approval notice for both of us, as i don’t have any updates from case status. Thanks. Do my Dissretation UK on that note. On take may help basically give  tasks and maybe a touch of composing.

commented Aug 21, 2017 by David Cyryl

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commented Sep 7, 2017 by Arnold Arthur

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commented Apr 13 by Finch

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commented Apr 23 by hireitpeople (888 points)
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