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H1B Documents Check List for New H1Bs

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posted Mar 5, 2016 in H1B Visas by dan (24,544 points)

Candidates applying from Overseas

·       All Passports, all pages.

·       Degree Certificate and Transcripts

·       Experience / Reference Letters

·       Resume

·       Last 3 Pay statements (Optional)

Candidates Presently in the United States

·       All Passports, all pages.

·       Photo ID/Driver License

·       Latest I-94 (Front and Back) or screen shot from the I-94 Retrieval System

·       Degree Certificate and Transcripts

·       Educational Evaluation. (Foreign Equivalency for overseas education)

·       Experience / Reference Letters

·       Resume

·       SS Card (if any)

Additional Documents for Candidate with F1 Status

  • All available and latest Form I-20 with SEVIS
  • OPT/EAD Cards
  • Latest Tuition Fee Payment Receipt from School
  • Course completion certificate if degree was not awarded

Additional Documents for Candidate with L1 Status

·       Copies of all I-797s including Blanket L1s

·       Last 3 Pay statements

·       Entry & Exit Details (Time in L1 is counted Towards 6 Years)

Additional Documents for Candidate with H4, L2 and other dependent Status

·       Spouse H1/L1 Copies

·       Spouse Passport all pages

·       Spouse Last 3 Pay Statements

·       Marriage Certificate

·       Any EAD Cards


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