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PERM recruitment process just started. Can I travel to India on valid H1B visa which was stamped this year?

asked Jun 28, 2016 by ayshakhan28 (540 points)

Hi Dan,

             I have some travel plans this year in Oct 2016 and would like to know during my PERM process (I-140 process just begun ) can I travel with a valid H1B which was stamped this year in Feb 2016 ?

My employer says the attorney just started the PERM recruitment process and would take around 60 days to complete. I still can travel in Oct as my H1B visa is valid till July 2018?

1 Answer

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answered Jun 30, 2016 by RaNa (14,778 points)
Please let me know if PERM is in process or i-140, both are different
commented Jun 30, 2016 by ayshakhan28 (540 points)

PERM is in process, the PERM application will take around sixty days

commented Jun 30, 2016 by RaNa (14,778 points)
PERM takes about 4 months once applied. You can travel when PERM is in process
commented Jun 30, 2016 by ayshakhan28 (540 points)
The recruitment process is going on now and the quiet period will start after 30 days. I think i can travel for 2 months from Oct 2016 to Dec 2016. Please let me know.  My H1B visa is stamped and validity is upto July 2018.

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