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After two h1 petitions are picked, how to know which one is almost processed.

asked May 25, 2016 in H1B: Processing Times by Sunitha (150 points)
For my friend two h1 petitions got picked.

Employer A petition got picked in 20/Apr/2016 and under process for last 1 month or so.

Now Employer B petition got picked in 20/May/2016 and process started.

Candidate wants go with Employer B and drop employer A. Now not sure whether Employer A petition is already in advanced stage of Approval. Please let me know usual time to get approved once it is picked in lottery and usual time to process withdraw request. Can we withdraw even after it is approved.  Great if you could at earliest since my friend need to decide without delay. Thank you in advance.
commented May 25, 2016 by Sunitha (150 points)
For my friend , her two h1 petitions got picked.

Employer A petition got picked in 20/Apr/2016 and under process for last 1 month or so.

Now Employer B petition got picked in 20/May/2016 and is under process.

Could some one please help to answer below queries.                                          1) a)Now does she needs to withdraw Employee A petition, before Employee B petition ,gets approved?  b) or is it better to wait till employer B petition gets approved? Mean while before B's petition, A'S petition might approve,since it picked 1 month earlier and is under process.  Do we have option to know if there were no queries before it is going to approve?                                                                          2) Is it would be conflict when approving both the petitions for the same candidate?                                                                                         3) If both got approved, so can I choose to go to stamping interview with any one? or is it better to wait till both got  approved and then withdraw the other one (A) and after withdraw is successful them we can go  for stamping interview with B?

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answered May 28, 2016 by dan (25,424 points)

You can wait for both to get adjudicated and there will be no conflict as both will have start date of October 01. If any one gets approved first, you don't have to withdraw the other one. An individual can hold up to 6 H1Bs at a time. You can chose any one to go for H1B stamping.

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