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H1b out of status

asked Mar 6, 2016 in H1B: H4 Visas,Stamping by Rob (150 points)
My h1b was approved on Oct 2014 but then I dint get any project so far and I am planning to go India and come back in h4. My question is

1) do they ask about my h1b out of status during my h4 stamping? I don't have any pay stubs.

2) I haven't initiate my cos also during my out of status. What do I need to say if they ask about this? I have my baby delivered here recently 4 months back.

3)what should I need to mention in ds160 form about my previous petitions filed and unlawful presence of stay?

4)my last visa stamping is h4 , my i94 expires by sep 2016.


1 Answer

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answered Mar 6, 2016 by dan (24,544 points)
You are out of status for over 180 days and you may be barred from entering United States for 1-3 years, please contact an immigration attorney immediately .
commented Mar 6, 2016 by Rob (150 points)
Is there a chance for me to enter with h4 visa as my spouse h1 visa is valid?

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