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H1B transfer

asked May 5, 2014 in H1B: General by manikandan kamatchi
Hi, My H1B visa expired initiated through employer A. I have never traveled to USA using this visa. Still I have approved petition with me and valid for six year.I have resigned my job last month.Is there possibility employer A will cancel my approved petition? Please help me on this. If employer A cancel my approved petition.Can i eligible Cap exempt trough New employerB using this approved petition. Please help on this. Regards, Kavi

2 Answers

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answered May 5, 2014 by admin
It does not matter even if Employer A cancels the H1B except in cases where the H1B was canceled prior to October 01 start date. I have already answered another Question http://h1bsupport.com/consultation-on-my-h1b-matter
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answered May 6, 2014 by manikandan kamatchi
Hi, Currently, I am working in Employer B.I have submitted Orginal I797 approval notice to employer A when i resignation.I have the copy of I797 form.Is that enough do the H1B transfer through employer B? Or Orginal copy of I797 is required? Please confirm on this. Regards, Kavi
commented May 6, 2014 by Dan
A copy is always sufficient, it looks like you did not read my article here.<a target="_blank" href="http://h1bsupport.com/blog/how-to-use-cap-exempt-h1b-explained-with-faqs" rel="nofollow">http://h1bsupport.com/blog/how-to-use-cap-exempt-h1b-explained-with-faqs</a>

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