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Looking for H1B sponsor - 2017

asked Feb 10, 2016 in H1B: Visa Sponsorship Requests by H1Buser (200 points)
Senior BI Consultant , 8.6 yrs of exp, Skill Sets -Cognos,Tableau,Informatica and Alteryx
commented Jun 7, 2016 by mustaqraza (100 points)
  1. 9 years’ experience in software testing, planning, and test Design.
  2. Experience in performing software security testing and assessing vulnerability found on security tools like Nmap, Nessus, QualysGuard, Burp and Aqunetix. Preparing customer documents for security compliance.
  3. Experience in execution and planning of various aspects of software testing  including the pre-study, PoC & feasibility analysis, resource and Lab planning , efforts estimation, status reporting, test scope &  documentation,  test reviews, defect & test case tracking .
  4. Understanding and experience of testing CDMA Motorola OMCR, BTS, MM, VPU, SVU, SDU, Nokia LTE eNb.
  5. Experience in working end to end Lab environment as system verification engineer. Good understanding of lab and tools setup in Lab.  
  6. Extensive experience of working in fast paced, challenging and result oriented product development environment.


Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Telecommunication from Vishweshwaraiah Technological University, Karnataka, INDIA


Nokia Networks Private Ltd, Bangalore India

Designation: Test Architect,

Role(s):  Technical Architect and System Engineering for Security features.

Oct 2008- Present

Motorola India Pvt Ltd (via Winfoware Technologies Ltd)

Designation: Member of Technical

Role(s):  System verification engineer for CDMA Features


Technical Skills

Types of Testing: Security testing, Manual Testing, System Integration Testing, Regression Testing, RF Performance testing.

Testing Tools: Nmap, Nessus, Burp, QualysGuard, Aquanetix, Spirent, Wireshark, and QXDM.

Bug Tracking Tools: Pronto, JIRA.

Test Management Tools: HP Quality Center and TMS.

Hardware : Nokia Flexi Zone Micro and Pico, Flexi Zone controller , Motorola OMCR , BTS , MM , VPU ,SVU ,SDU , CISCO ,Juniper switches & routers ,eNb , AEMS , and Netact .

Domain Knowledge: CDMA, LTE

OS: Windows, UNIX, CentOS, Linux.

1) Nokia Small cell Security test:

   Perform security testing in Lab for small cell products FZM, FZP (eNb) and FZC for every release and prepare security compliance documents for internal and external.

Duration: 04/2014-Present

Role: Security Test Architect


  1. Prepare test plan and test cases for security testing.
  2. Perform security test using scan tools Nmap, Nessus, Burp etc.
  3. Assess the scan result vulnerabilities and document.
  4. Discuss with development team to fix vulnerabilities.
  5. Prepare security compliance documents for customers.
  6. Re test vulnerabilities.

1) Flexi Zone Micro Transport Testing

Flexi Zone Micro is NSN single cell eNb , As Transport team we were responsible for verifying transport

Functions of the LTE system, which is used for terrestrial transport of user data and signaling between the Evolved Node B (eNB) and Evolved Packet Core (EPC) and between pairs of eNBs. The transport functions include the physical layer, the data link layer, and the IP layer of the LTE protocol stacks.

Duration: 04/2013-04/2014

Role: Test Lead


  1. Reporting all TT feature update to RL55 program.
  2. Preparing feature estimates effort for transport features of Nokia eNb.
  3. Identifying Lab setup requirements for transport features.

       4)  Selecting and writing Test cases for Transport Features.

5)  Preparing estimates and Test planning for CR’s coming in releases.

6)  Preparing Lab for Transport testing.

2) RF Performance Testing

  RF performance testing will take place in a customer-like RF simulated environment, using noise generators and faders. Testing will comprise of call performance testing including failed call and dropped call (IA/LC), power and rate control, throughput testing, handoff reliability, and signaling delay .in RF performance testing verification will include single call and multi call scenarios in various handoff states. These tests are for verifying .Power Control, Data Throughput, Multi-user Performance, SHO Reliability and timing.

Duration          : 05/2012-04/2013

Role                 : System verification engineer

Contribution    :

1) RF Bench calibration for RF performance testing.

2) Interacting with developer in case of any issues seen

3) Reporting bugs (raising SR’s)

4) Verifying bug fixes in RF Lab.

4) CDMA LTE Joint Testing

  As part of JT testing, Team was responsible to test LTE and CDMA interaction part in DT BTS and eNb frames, which were designed to support LTE and CDMA technology in single frame.

Duration          :  03/2011 –05/2012

Role     :             System verification engineer

Contribution    :

1) Setting up JT setup which involves eNb configuration and integration with LTE lab. And making sure that setup will support CDMA and LTE calls.

2) Participating in JT meetings

3) Selecting test cases for JT testing

4) Executing test cases in SIT environment

5) Interacting with developer in case of any issues seen

6) Reporting bugs.

7) Writing test cases

4) SV Rep for New Feature testing:

        As SV rep will be responsible for all SV related testing. Right from test cases review to till FR ready for delivery.

Duration          : 08/2009-04/2013

Role                 : Feature Representative from SV


1) Participating in feature meetings

2) Selecting test cases for feature testing

3) Executing test cases in SV environment

5) Regression Testing for CDMA 1X RAN:

    This involves Release Validation (also called Functional Regression testing) of RAN 1X release it includes 1X Functional Regression testing done at a system level and also 1X Functional Regression testing done at a sub-system level. In R20 a new model better known as ‘Continuous Regression Model’ for performing the Regression testing is being introduced which has the potential to address new Impacts caused to the Super Cell due to New Features. Secondly it targets MOL/Deferred bugs as sub Features rather than just SRs which need extensive Testing than just SR retest

Duration           : 08/2006-till today

Role                   : System verification engineer.

Contribution    :

1) Selecting and executing reg

commented Jul 6, 2016 by chrisTech (100 points)


It would be Great if you can send us your profile at chris@zioninfosys.com, So that we could check the profile and email back to you.


Chris Louis

commented Jul 6, 2016 by chrisTech (100 points)

HI ,

It would be Great if you can send us your profile at chris@zioninfosys.com

So that we can look into your profile and revert back to your emaill with primium process.


Chris Louis

commented Feb 8, 2018 by a.z.t.211 (100 points)
Hi Mustaq, Did you contact Chris Louis for H1B sponsorship? If you are looking out for him please contact me or reply back on this comment. He is a Fake person who scams people.

1 Answer

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answered Feb 11, 2016 by nandabogam (560 points)

We have multiple projects and openings in the following areas and looking for experienced people with at least 3+ years of experience.

1) CRM and ERP implementation with Java, J2EE, XML, Frameworks

2) Enterprise Application Integration [ EAI ]  including oracle, Tibco and open source

3) Software Testing & Quality Assurance including manual and automation

4) Business Analysts and Project Manager

If you have any prior work experience but not have work visa, we will sponsor visa including H4 EAD,H1 and GC.  If you are qualified for H4 EAD based on your spouse I140 we will take care of sponsoring H4 EAD.

For more details please  contact :

Sunny:  sunny@eitacies.com / 1+844-EIT-EDGE / 844-348-3343 /  ext 115

Ashini:  ashini@eitacies.com / 1+844-EIT-EDGE / 844-348-3343 /  ext 116

Nanda : nanda@eitacies.com / 805-500-4466

Visit us on www.eitacies.com


About EITACIES: EITACIES Inc is product based and Systems Integrator, a pioneer in providing SOA, Cloud Integration & Middleware, Master Data Management & Data Warehousing, Packaged Enterprise Applications, Cloud based applications & solutions, and Enterprise Mobility Solutions. We specialize in providing turnkey solutions in the above areas. We have proven ability to plan and implement  IT solutions that work where it matters most—in practice. Through our massive client, consultant network and strong workforce we have a real-world pulse on the latest IT trends.  

!EITACIES Inc. an E-Verified Company and equal opportunity employer!

If you are looking for a Project or an H1B Visa Transfer, with Immediate GC Process, please call us at (800) 693-8939 or h1btransfer@hireitpeople.com

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