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Hi, I have around 9 year of exp on software product development using various technology. I am looking for H1B sponsership.

asked Jan 30, 2016 in H1B: Visa Sponsorship Requests by vikashs (150 points)

VIKASH SADANGI                                                       Email Id: vsmk2010@gmail.com

   Mobile No: 9632122225

Professional Summary

§  Total 9+ years of experience in end to end product development using agile development methodology. Thorough knowledge of SDLC & Software Architecture.

§  Strong functional knowledge on Payment Gateways, Investment Banking Analytics & Energy Solutions.

§  Expertise in developing applications, prototypes, or proofs of concepts (POC’s) using Microsoft.Net, Extensively worked on Asp.net, JavaScript, Dojo, JQuery, Silverlight, WCF (SOAP & REST) , C#.Net, LINQ, XML & SQL server.

§  Experience in building web based application using SPA framework and libraries like AngularJS, Node.js, Lucene.Net and MongoDB.

§  Good understanding of S/W Architecture, Object Oriented Analysis & Design and UML.

§  Implementation knowledge of various Model-view-controllers (MVC) and Model-view-view model (MVVM) architecture, Design Patterns & Test Driven Development.

§  Have experience in fine tuning of web application for quick throughput.

§  Mentoring team members, sharing knowledge & Participating in Tech Talks.


§  Currently working with Intuit India Product Development Center Pvt. Ltd as Senior Software Engineer from Jan-2015 to present.

§  Worked as Senior Software Engineer with Thomson Reuters India Pvt. Ltd Bangalore from Nov-2010 to Jan-2015.

§  Worked as Senior Software Engineer with Schneider Electric India Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore from Aug-2006 to Oct-2010.

Technical Skills

Project Mgmt & Scrum tools : Atlassian JIRA, MPP

SCM Tools                         : SVN, Clear Case, GitHub, Bitbucket, PerForce

Environment                      : IIS, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse

Charting Library                 : High chart, D3, Dundas

Database                                    : Oracle, SQL Server, Couchbase DB, MongoDB,


Technologies                      : Java Spring, HTML 5, Angularjs, Jquery,

  Selenium, Dojo, XML, XSLT, Silverlight

  3.0(XAML), LINQ, Web Service, WCF,

  Asp.Net, Entity Freamwork, ADO.Net & C#.Net

Code Review Tools              : ReSharper, FxCop

Design Tools                      : Expression Blend, Expression Design, Adobe


Other Tools                        : Enterprise   Architect, MS Visio, Selenium

  Log4Net, nUnit, Clear Quest        

Projects Profile

Project #1

Project Name                  : SPUR - AMEX (Successful Payments Update

  Rate Service)

Duration                          : Jul-15 to till date

Environment                    : Java Spring Batch

Team Size                             : 5

Role & Responsibility        : Coding, Bug fixing, Unit Testing

Description                      : SPUR’s purpose is to lower the payment failure rate

by automatically update existing customer cardholder account information to prevent

billing to expired or invalid cards without interrupting customer’s experience and

Intuit’s revenue.

Project #2

Project Name                  : IGS (Innovative Gateway Services)

Duration                          : Jan-15 to till date

Environment                    : WCF, MSMQ, SOAP UI

Team Size                             : 5

Role & Responsibility        : Bug fixing, Unit Testing

Description                      : Innovative Gateway services is an integrated

Platform for all the Intuit transactions done through Payment Tech systems. It

interacts with Billing and Revenue management system & does the payment

settlement with third party vendor.

Project #3

Project Name                  : Eikon Apps (Estimates – Statement &

                                                  Detail Estimates)

Duration                     &nb

commented Jan 30, 2016 by dan (25,384 points)

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answered Jan 30, 2016 by monica (466 points)
Please send resume to h1btransfer@hireitpeople.com

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