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I am looking for h1 sponsor (2016-17) for 14+ year of performance engineering experience

asked Dec 6, 2015 in H1B: Visa Sponsorship Requests by ravikgoru (250 points)
edited Dec 10, 2015 by ravikgoru
I am Ravi, having 14+ years (9+ years in performance engineering/testing and 4.5 years in development) of experience in different phases of STLC and SDLC in Desktop, Client/Server and 3/N-Tier Web applications which includes Development, Testing & Bug-Fixing, Implementation, and Support/Maintenance. have good knowledge of load testing tools like load-runner, silk-performer, jmeter.

I am looking for a sponsor


commented Dec 8, 2015 by dan (25,344 points)
It would be easy for employers to get an idea of your background and skills if you copy/paste resume under comments to your Post!
commented Dec 8, 2015 by ravikgoru (250 points)
Professional Summary   
•    14+ years (9+ years in performance engineering/testing and 4.5 years in development) of experience in different phases of STLC and SDLC in Desktop, Client/Server and 3-Tier Web applications which includes Development, Testing & Bug-Fixing, Implementation, and Support/Maintenance
•    Deep expertise in end to end performance engineering life cycle starting with landscape analysis and design, all the way through to production and post go-live stabilization and troubleshooting
•    Technical Architecture Validations & Optimizations
•    Application Server Troubleshooting including thread locks, memory leaks, GC tuning etc
•    Good Exposure to profiling tools such as JProbe, JProfiler,Yourkit and Sun Solaris performance analyzer
•    Extensive experience on performance testing tools (both commercial and open source) like LoadRunner, WebLoad, SilkPerformer and JMeter
•    Defining Performance test strategies, test plans and execution
•    Good Exposure in overall Project Management encompassing Project Planning using MS Project as well as customized tools, Test Case Review, Progress Monitoring, Team Handling, Quality Control, ensuring Quality of the Deliverables as per Schedule, Analyzing Risks and Coordinating with Technical Teams
•    Good knowledge of Capacity Planning & Validation
•    Performance engineering/testing expertise is augmented by diverse experience in software development (Java, Swing, Servlets, EJB, JDBC, other Java technologies and C#)
•    Experience with various leading open-source and commercial application servers
•    Experience in presales activities for performance testing/engineering projects
•    Have onsite work experience
Education Summary:
MCA (Masters of Computer Applications), First Class, Apr - 2000, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam
Skills Summary:
Operating Systems:         Linux,HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, WIN NT/ XP/2k/2003,
Testing Tools:            LoadRunner, SilkPerformer, WebLoad, JMeter, OATS
Profiling Tools:        JProbe, JProfiler, Yourkit, Solaris Performance Analyzer
JVM’s:                Sun, JRockit, HP, IBM       
Programming /        Java, C#
Scripting Languages:     UNIX Shell Scripting, awk,
J2EE Technology:         EJB, Servlets, JSP
Database Servers:        Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres
Hardware:    Oracle Exadata/Exalogic/Exalytics, Sun, IBM, HP and Windows
GUI Design:            Swing, HTML, XSLT, XML
Application/Web Servers:    Weblogic 11g, JBoss 7, Websphere 6.x, Apache, IIS
IDE:                Net Beans 6.5, IntelliJ Idea 4.0, JBuilder, Visual Café
                4.0, VS .Net
Professional Experience
Currently working as Performance Engineering Architect at OpenSCG (OpenSource Software Solutions, LLC), Hyderabad from May 2014 till Date
1.    Worked as Principal Software Engineer at ORACLE India PVT LTD, Hyderabad from Dec 2010 till May 2014
2.    Worked as Technical Specialist (Project Manager) at HCL Technologies, Chennai from May 2010 till Dec 2010
3.    Worked as Product Technical Lead at Infosys Technologies Ltd., Hyderabad from Jul 2007 to Dec 2009
4.    Worked as Team Lead at AppLabs Technologies Pvt. Ltd., (Company of CSC) Hyderabad from Jun 2005 to Jul 2007
5.    Worked as Member Technical staff at HCL Technologies, Chennai from Mar 2004 to May 2005
6.    Worked as Software Engineer at LearningMate* (Division of Educomp Datamatics Ltd.), Bangalore, since Dec 2000 to Feb 2004
* LearningMate used to be a division of Educomp Datamatics Ltd. Now it is a separate company called LearningMate Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, since September 2003.

Awards and Recognitions
Infosys Excellence (year 2008), Finacle Excellence (year 2008), PRIMA Award (Q4 2007-2008) and quarterly GEM Award (Jan, 2008) for 130000 user benchmark on Finacle 10.1 on HP platform.
**PRIMA Awards in Infosys are to celebrate excellence in the areas of Project Execution Excellence and Technological innovations & breakthroughs.

Key Engagement Highlights:
•    Successfully executed and benchmarked Oracle utilities products MDM and CC&B on Exadata and Exalogic hardware
•    Successfully executed and benchmarked Oracle utilities product Business Intelligence on Exalytics and Exadata hardware
•    Successfully executed 130000 user load/scalability test (Benchmark on Finacle product)
•    Scalability, load, failover/availability, endurance and stress testing experience in different types of web applications like Ajax, .Net, Web Services (using DIME), J2EE, C and C++
•    Capacity Validation
•    Involved in bottleneck analysis and performance engineering activities

Summary of the projects executed
OpenSource Software Solutions, LLC)
•    Verifying and validating the performance of AT&T, Verizon, Sprint mobile Platforms
•    Troubleshooting of performance issues and tuning the application
•    Troubleshooting the production issues related AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint
•    Reporting and Publishing of Production build performance reports
Oracle India Pvt Ltd
•    Benchmarking, Planning and Execution of Oracle Utilities products on different kinds of hardware
•    Troubleshooting of performance issues and tuning the application
•    Reporting and Publishing of Benchmarking reports
•    Sizing of the product based on Benchmark results and recommending Hardware for Customers for required volumes

Infosys Technologies Ltd.
•    Scalability, load, failover/availability, endurance and stress testing of Finacle application
•    Performance benchmark exercise and demonstrations to client like State Bank of India, AXIS Bank, Emirates National Bank, ABN AMRO and BanColumbia
•    Performance Tuning and Profiling of Finacle application

AppLabs Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
•    Load testing of J2EE and .Net application for clients like RCM, Intuit, MeeVee, Digitas, FirstGov, Exxceed, Career Builder, MakeMyTrip, American Airlines, Toyota and Jenzabar University etc.,
•    Firmware testing of HP printers, Boise

HCL Technologies
•    Presales, assisting the performance testing team and establishing Performance COE lab at Chennai
•    Involved in developing CRM product for the client Kana using Java, Swings and J2EE technologies

LearningMate Solutions
•    Involved in developing eLearning based applications using Java, Swings, J2EE and C# technologies
commented Dec 9, 2015 by ravikgoru (250 points)
I can be reached on mailravi@gmail.com.
commented Dec 13, 2015 by dan (25,344 points)
Please send resume to one of the H1B Sponsors, we had a conversation and they are sponsoring H1Bs for 2017. Send resumes at hr(at)sriveninfosys.com, please post in subject RE: H1Bsupport.com, H1B Sponsorship for 2017

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answered Dec 7, 2015 by hireitpeople (888 points)

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