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LCA, H1B-Amendment - change in building number of client work site.

asked May 12, 2015 in H1B: LCA issues by Abhishek
LCA, H1B - Amendment - change in building number of client work site. I got my client work site changed from one building to another in same location / area -- say from building "200 Client-Address, City" to "300 Client-Address, City" under same ZIP. The address changed as seats for vendor company was dissolved and allocated open-seat in another building ---like to come and use a cubicle if free or reserve it for a day or hour. And -- No change in company, client, job position, duty, responsibilities or major salary.

(1) Do I need to go for "H1B - Amendment" as informed by my company Visa-Cell or there could be exception?

(2) Or would I just need a LCA job posting done?

(3) How many day would "H1B - Amendment" for all formalities to be complete?

(4) Need to travel to home country (India) some time mid of year -- would be possible to travel before the approval come? Thanks in advance.

2 Answers

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answered Jun 12, 2015 by admin
Based on latest guidance from USCIS, you do not need to file an LCA or Amend the H1B. However, USCIS is not clear on what happens when there is a USCIS site visit. To avoid this dilemma, I suggest you get the H1B amended to new location. It takes upto 3 months, you may travel using existing H1B.

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