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H1B transfer NonIT background, so RFE?

asked Aug 8, 2014 in H1B: Transfers by naveen
Hi, I am from NonIT and have 7 years of IT experience,I am trying to do H1b transfer from Employer1 to Employer2. Employer2 (10000+) told me that I have a risk of getting RFE and worst case being a denial since I have nonIT background ( BE Mechanical enginnering) Do I have a workaround for this like projecting certification I have did in IT or is there any way that I can avoid RFE? Can someone help me with my query?

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answered Aug 8, 2014 by admin
You need to get an Education + Experience credential foreign equivalency evaluation to support the H1B petition and you should not have any problem with Non-It educational background. In fact, most engineering degrees have Computer courses. See this Article: [url=http://h1bsupport.com/blog/sample-h1b-educational-evaluation-with-experience]Sample H1B Educational Evaluation with Experience[/url]
commented Aug 8, 2014 by Dan
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answered Aug 8, 2014 by Sheila Danzig
While you may get an RFE because mechanical engineering is not close enough to IT, it can easily be overturned with a properly done work experience plus education evaluation. We would be happy to review your case should you get the RFE. Simply go to www.cciFree.com/ There is no charge. Sheila Danzig EdD Executive Director CCI
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answered Jan 22 by mel_j (140 points)
I would recommend you try to stay positive for the time being, though if you do get an RFE you just respond with the evidence they require to prove that despite not having an IT background, the courses you took in your Mechanical Engineering program is sufficient for the job duties... Best of luck!

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