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cheap Artificial Grass For Tennis

asked Sep 7 in H1B Sponsorship Call/Webinars by Wyz09hx (600 points)
Artificial grass for tennis is one of our featured products. Jiangsu Wmgrass offers you high quality after-sales service, and the warranty period of the product is 8 to 10 years. Adopting synthetic grass tennis courts effectively avoids many quality problems, such as cracking caused by cold weather, and color shedding caused by strong sunlight. Meanwhile, artificial grass has a good drainage capacity, which guarantees a long-time use in all kinds of weathers.
With the artificial grass turf, players could enjoy their best performance in tennis court, since the body shock is largely reduced.
Scope of Application
Green tennis field synthetic grass is widely used in recreational parks, estate projects, resort, hotels, commercial center, tennis centers, private clubs, villa, etc.
1.Feel real, good performance with good flexibility and adequate cushioning force; breathable and permeable; increase the area of movement, reduce the noise on the playground, and has the role of shock absorption, decompression, in line with open use of silver Sand filled, so that students will not be dirty when the clothes and the environment, and all the marking on the playground are all used directly weaving, no longer for the regular crossed and distress; the same time, tennis courts synthetic grass has excellent flexibility and real grass, The movement on the artificial lawn has the feeling on the natural lawn. In particular, artificial grass has the exercise intensity tolerance, is the natural lawn can not match. Products can be used all day, do not fade, no deformation, durable, long time often new.
2. To protect the movement of healthy artificial turf with a buffer decompression effect, when the athletes fall can play a protective role. Artificial grass tennis court using non-toxic polymer materials, bacteria, mold, the virus can not parasitic. Laying artificial grass, isolated from the human body and the soil surface of the direct contact to prevent the soil on the human body pollution. The appearance of artificial grass is soft and the athlete can feel the safety and comfort of natural grassland movement.
3. Artificial grass for tennis suitable for a variety of basic requirements of the foundation is not high, can be cement floor, asphalt surface, can also be hard sand ground; artificial grass permeable and permeable, easy to lay on the basis of cement or asphalt concrete, the basic requirements are not high, not afraid of cracking The
4. Daily maintenance Simple artificial grass without replanting, pruning, watering, fertilization, weeds, pest control and many other conservation work, in line with environmental requirements, lawn layer can be recycled; , Each year can save a lot of water and maintenance costs, routine maintenance is simple, greatly reducing maintenance costs, especially in line with urban water requirements.
Technical Parameter
Type: artificial grass fiber
Plie height: 12mm
Gauge: 5/32"
Dtex: 6600
Color: Field
Backing: PP+Fleece+ Latex(BASF,German) cheap Artificial Grass For Tennis

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