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Expired and About to revoke H1B petition - Eligible for transfer under CAP Exempt

asked Jun 28, 2018 in H1B: General by Sanathduvuru (190 points)

Please answer below queries.

I am in India and Company 'A' from India filed petition for me in 2016 got picked in CAP lottery in 2016 and petition got expired on Sept 30, 2017. I didnt make use of H1B petition at all. Now, i have resigned from Company 'A' and serving notice period still 20 days left for my last working day in Company 'A',

1. Now i want to make use of H1B petition under CAP Exempt from Another employer, am i allowed to do this ?

2. Company 'A's immigration yeam told me that if a employee leaves the company they will revoke the petition, they didnt tell when they will do this if petition is revoked by Company A, still i can go for CAP Exempt and can file a new petition under same H1B receipt number ?

3. Because i am still working for Company A, am i allowed to go for CAP Exempt from another Employer from India ?

Response to above queries are highly appreciated.


1 Answer

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answered Jul 17, 2018 by darrenbrady (350 points)
HI Sanath,

The answer to three of your questions is Yes you can go ahead with a new employer. The reason being your H1B has been revoked by your employer and not by USCIS(1) while the h1b is revoked and you still have time on your h1B tenure you can get it transferred to a new employer provided you have a valid I-797 Copy ( Approval Copy )

- Darren

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