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H4 to F1(Stamped) to H4

asked May 15, 2018 in H1B: H4 Visas,Stamping by aks5663815 (150 points)
My wife came to US on H4 visa stamped via dropbox in Jan-2016 which she received till Dec-2017. Then she had to get F1 stamped for college so her H4 was cancelled and F1 was issued effective from Dec-2016 to Dec-2021. Now we are in India after her college completed. I got my I140 approval and H1B approval beyond 6 years. I checked I am eligible for dropbox. Do I need to check if my wife is eligible too?  If yes, I logged in via her account and there it asks do you have previous H4 visa? Should we answer Yes since she did have H4 visa previously valid till Dec-2017 but cancelled due to F1 visa. If I choose Yes then she is eligible for dropbox if I choose No then she is not eligible for dropbox. Can I directly submit her's for dropbox too since I am eligible?

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answered May 19, 2018 by dan (25,424 points)

Your wife is eligible as he had an H4 visa expired in the last 12 months, please see below.

  • If I am applying for any other class of visa, my prior visa in the same class is still valid or expired within the last 12 months.
commented May 19, 2018 by aks5663815 (150 points)
edited May 19, 2018 by aks5663815
I called us travel docs and they said since she is on f1 she will not be eligible for dropbox to apply for h4. also her h4 was cancelled effective Dec-2016 when f1 was issued so does it still count as expired within 12 months since expiry date was Dec-2017 as on the visa with cancelled without prejudiced stamp?

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