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Recieved H4 receipt but not H1B receipt

asked May 2, 2018 in H1B: General by rr (220 points)
My employer's attorney sent my H1B petition package along with my wife's H4 application. I got my wife's H4 receipt notice (I797C) in my mail as the attorney used my mailing address for H4.

But the attorney didn't get my H1B receipt yet.

Does this mean I got selected in the lottery?? I heard from others that USCIS opens a packet only if that got selected in lottery. If they do not open the package if lottery didn't get picked means I got selected.

Just want to make sure. To much anxiety in my mind.

Thanks in advance.

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answered May 4, 2018 by dan (25,384 points)
selected May 4, 2018 by rr
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Congratulations! Since you have received a receipt for dependant H4, your H1B is  picked in the lottery.

Uscis always opens packages even if it is not picked in the lottery and will send the package back with a letter of rejection.

What is your present status?
commented May 4, 2018 by rr (220 points)

Thanks for the answer. My attorney got my H1B receipt 2 days after I received H4 acceptance notice.

My current status is F1 Stem OPT. I am an Advance Degree holder and applied in AD-Vermont. This was my second try in H1B and working with direct client as full time employee. My OPT will expire in 2019 and have another chance to participate in H1B next year. Hopefully I will not have to go for that anymore.

Do you have any idea when USCIS will start approving applications or sending out RFE?? Like in June/July???
commented May 4, 2018 by dan (25,384 points)
Sometime during July and towards August. Good luck!
commented May 4, 2018 by dan (25,384 points)
Pls post information on this Aricle, so it benefits everyone.


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