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H1B Pending, F1/F2 out of status?

asked Jun 29, 2014 in F1, CPT, OPTs by admin
Originally Posted by Guest - Nash Hi Dan, how r u doing. I have a question about my status. My h1b on the web says "initial review". I m on f2 my wife is on f1. Few months ago college said that we r out of status, same college got closed and reopen. Now when I called they says we are not sure if you are out of status or not. I called uscis they do not have my status info, they asked me to call cbp I couldn't reach them so I send them an email, no reply. Is there any other possibility to check our current immigration status. Thanks

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answered Jun 29, 2014 by admin
Your present F2 status is dependent on your wife's F1 Status. If the school was closed, than the F1 might have been automatically cancelled. She must try to transfer SEVIS to another school along with your F2 Status. You may get an RFE on the H1B to show status until September 30. I am not very clear about your situation, please answer the following.. 1) What is the name of the School? 2) When did they shut down? 2) Did you try to check SEVIS database?
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answered Jun 29, 2014 by nash
College/school name is MicroPower career institute. They closed in may and they reopened in June. However one of thr student advisor said we are out of status in apr. We tried reaching different colleges for reinstate but failed coz there was no dso and they could not contact the right person to get the transcripts. I contacted college on 27 june to get my transcripts the other student advisor said thst she dont think we are out of status. I don't know how to check on my SEVIS status. please help me I am all confused. first think H1B got selected and now I get to hear this.
commented Jul 1, 2014 by Dan
This looks like a Training center based out of NYC, the only way to check SEVIS status is via school, please contact the same school again as the SEVIS should have been updated based on pending H1B.

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