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Level 1 Wage RFE Overturned!

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posted Sep 20 in H1B Visa RFEs by Sheila Danzig (8,100 points)

This year, CIS has rolled out a troublesome new RFE that targets computer programmers petitioning for H1B status.  In this RFE, CIS wrongfully assumes that just because a job is set at Level 1 Wage it is an entry level position.  CIS also wrongfully assumes that entry level computer programmers can be hired with just an Associate's degree and back this claim with a partial citation from the Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Despite their claims being unfounded, CIS is still the gatekeeper for H1B candidates, so it's up to us to learn how to overturn this RFE this year, and prevent it next year.

In this video, TheDegreePeople.com explains Employment Issue RFEs and what to do if you, your employee, or your client receives one.