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asked Apr 4, 2016 in H1B: Processing Times by shankarreddy (150 points)


This is shankar. I have a small query regarding the H1B. My H1B got approved in the year Dec 2015.When i tried to attend for the interview in the month of March suddenly my project got ramp down before two days and my employer suggested me to drop/cancel for the interview due to sudden project rampdown.

When i spoke with my employer/petitioner said he is going to apply for the new amendment through Premium Process.Can you please suggest what is the exact time taken for the Premium/Normal process for the new amendment.

Also, I would like to know whether i can transfer my H1B for the other new Employer ? If,so does he(other employer) need to follow the same process for the new amendment.

With Regards,

Shankar Reddy.

1 Answer

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answered Apr 4, 2016 by dan (23,600 points)


1. Premium Processing takes about 15 days and if there is an RFE, the clock will reset to 15 days from the day the USCIS receives the response from your Employer/Attorney. Please read this Article for more information:

How to upgrade H1B from Regular Processing to H1B Premium Processing with FAQs

2. You can transfer your H1B to a new Employer and the process needs to begin from scratch just like your first H1B. This can also be filed under premium processing to save time. Please read these Articles for more Information:

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