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H1B transfer denied with Employer B and Both Employer A and B are running paystubs

asked Mar 5 by naiduk85 (200 points)

Here is my case details. Current, H1 transfer denied. Please advise with the possible options for me.

1. I have initial H1 visa valid till Sep,2019 with Employer A

2. Got new contract project and filed Amendament and it got RFE after sometime in November 2017 employer A withdrawn amendment and amendment sucessfuly withdrawn on januar 16 2018.

3. While the Amendment withdrawn process in progress with employer A ,I Filed H1 Transfer with employer B in Nov,2017 and started working with B on receipt from Dec mid,RFE raised on Dec-1-2017 with Employer B--> answered on Feb 2018--> Denied on 2/28/2018.

4. I did not inform Employer A that i started working with employer B from dec mid 2018 and From Dec 2018 to till now both Employer A and B are running my paylips.

5. Now the Employer B H1 Transfer Form I129 is denied on 2/28/2018 and not sure about the reason.

6. The Employer A I797 is approved and online I 94 status shows as 09/09/2019 and the amendment withdrawn successfully for new project. I haven't gone out of the country from the date I arrived to US.

7. Running both payslips casuses any issues? Now my transfer is Denied with B,Can i continue work with employer A(Employer A doesn't know that i worked with B)? Can i do C2C with Employer B through Employer A.

Now, can I file another LCA with same employer B or should file with new employer C? Haven't received the denial reason yet.

What are the possible options available for me to stay in US? Will it affect to GC processing?

FYI- I have a project with client thru B till end of the another three years.

Please share your valuable feedback.
commented Mar 5 by john (280 points)
Hello, this is regarding H1B sponsorship please email me your resume a to john@olivetitservices.com if you are interested.

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