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upcoming travel to India and I have to appear for a PAI (personal appearance interview)

asked Feb 4, 2017 in H1B: Visa Stamping by anonymous

I am an Indian origin working in the USA and my current work status is H1-B Extension. I have an upcoming travel to India and I have to appear for a PAI (personal appearance interview) with the consulate in Kolkata (India) to get the VISA stamping done based on my H1-B Extension (I-797A).

I am hearing rumor that consulates across the country are issuing lot of 221(g) which will delay the processing.
My question is, what is the possibility to get a from 221(g) in my case. And if the VISA is stamped, can I get into any trouble at the port of entry into the USA?
Note: My I-i40 is approved and my latest H1-B extension (I-797A) is based on my approved I-140 application. 

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answered Feb 10, 2017 by Attorney Emandi (4,450 points)

The US consulate can anytime issue 221(g) for any valid reason for scrutiny and verification of the job offer and client site. However, you should be ready to submit all the required H-1B client site documents and it is certainly possible to receive a 221 (g) currently so you should be prepared if necessary and ensure your employer has secured the necessary confirmation from the client as required.

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