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H1B and H4 questions

asked Feb 4, 2017 in H1B: General by anonymous
My current H1B Petition is valid until March 27 2017 and the extension/renewal has been filed along with H4 and I have the receipt numbers. It will be converted to premium processing in two days.

I have a plan to go to India in April with the new petition so that I can get stamped using Dropbox option in Chennai consulate. If I cross May then I will have to go through the interview process as I will be ineligible for Dropbox.

I am planning to book air tickets and drop box appointment as soon as my extension is approved. My questions are below.

1) Can I book and proceed with this vacation trip after my extension is approved?

2) If my H1B case is upgraded to premium processing? will my wife's H4 also get approval along with it? Or should I have to wait for her approval separately? Can she travel with me if my H1B is approved and her H4 is still pending for approval with USCIS?

3) What are the documents I need to carry if I am traveling to India.

4) My employer is planning to file GC Perm/Labor next month, is it fine to travel while the labor filing is in progress?

Kindly help me in understanding these. Thanks

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answered Feb 11, 2017 by Attorney Emandi (4,450 points)
As you have a number of questions which require detailed answers its best to have a consultation.

Yes you can appear for stamping after your extension is approved.

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